Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Originally Had A Female Darth Maul-Like Villain


Now that we’ve all had time to process Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkerwith many deeming it to be an underwhelming finale to the Sequel Trilogy, attentions are being turned to what the original vision for Episode IX was back when Colin Trevorrow was in the director’s chair instead of J.J. Abrams. This week has seen a flurry of fresh information about Trevorrow’s movie, too, as leaked plot details have surfaced online.

First of all, Episode IX would’ve gone by the title Duel of the Fates and featured significant changes to the storyline, like the absence of Emperor Palpatine. With Darth Sidious not around to hog the screentime, the film would’ve fleshed out the Knights of Ren much more than they were explored in Rise. In fact, Trevorrow planned to unmask Kylo’s henchman, revealing their appearances, names and that they had their own independent wants.

Specifically, one of them would have been a female from Dathomir – the homeworld of Darth Maul. Named Sollony Ren, she’s the second-in-command and becomes the de facto leader of the First Order when Kylo goes on a mission to locate a Sith Holocron that would grant him immense dark power. Like Kylo, Sollony was a student of Luke’s who was pulled to the Dark Side by Snoke. She acts as a sort of Lady Macbeth figure to Kylo, urging him to sever his connection to the light.

However, in a twist, Sollony would’ve become the main villain of the film as she claims the Sith Holocron for her own. It can only be wielded by a person of pure darkness, and so the conflicted Kylo was unable to use it. Kylo and Rey then have to team up to stop her, with Kylo taking a fatal hit meant for Rey. Then, in a burst of anger, Rey manages to kill Sollony.

Based on the information we’ve got about Duel of the Fates, fans aren’t sure whether it would’ve been an improvement on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker or not, but Sollony definitely had the potential to be a fascinating character who might’ve garnered something akin to Maul’s popularity.