‘Star Wars’ stans pitch their perfect comedy set in a galaxy far, far away


Fans of Star Wars are sharing their ideas for a comedy take on the classic sci-fi franchise.

The discussion took place in the r/StarWars subreddit, where fans participated in a hilarious thought experiment devised by aptly-named user –TheForce–, who asked them to pitch a jocular version of the iconic films.

Redditor Silly-Weakness pointed to an idea originally conceived by GetBillDozed about the interdimensional excursions of young Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) moving through time and space to call out older Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) on his gilded tales of their adventures. The idea received over two thousand upvotes.

Many Star Wars fans warmed to the concept of a Calrissian-centered comedy that utilized Williams’ smooth-talking charm and Glover’s formidable comedic skills. ApproximateKnowledge found it easy to imagine the hilarious exchanges that might take place between the older and younger versions of the character.

Other Star Wars fans were more taken with the idea of a sci-fi version of The Office. YaBoiCodison described some of the ways the absurd drama between characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader might affect the ordinary lives of the other characters.

Another popular notion came from by GU355WH01AM who proposed a documentary series exploring the bizarre flora and fauna of the various planets in the galaxy.

Gladstonism’s pitch was a play on words, and it definitely has a ring to it: Better Call Maul.

Some of the more seasoned Redditors pointed out that Mel Brooks already roasted Star Wars with his 1987 comedy Space Balls and proposed that a sequel might be the best way to go.

With the multitudinous Star Wars spin-off movies and television series, Disney is producing, perhaps the franchise could use a bit of satire. To be sure, there are moments of humor in the existing material, but if the studio is willing to explore the comedic route, fans are definitely here for it.

Star Wars is streaming on Disney Plus.