The TIE Silencer Will Be Kylo Ren’s New Ship In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, And It Looks Deadly


Forget the colorful characters of Star Wars: The Last Jedi; Rian Johnson’s sci-fi sequel is packed to the rafters when it comes to cutting-edge vehicles.

Spread across land, sea, and air, those machines purportedly include the First Order’s massive assault walkers – dubbed “Gorilla Walkers,” these towering titans are said to be considerably bigger than the AT-ATs of old. For Kylo Ren, though, after failing to crush the Resistance aboard Starkiller Base, Adam Driver’s mercurial villain will resume the fight against Rey and the rest of the gang with all guns blazing. And thanks to the folks over at The Star Wars Show, we now know the identity of Kylo Ren’s shiny new toy: the TIE Silencer.

It’s Ren’s personal spacecraft, essentially, and below you’ll see how the Silencer – full name: Sienar Fleet Systems Jaemus TIE V/N Space Superiority Fighter – resembles the classic TIE Interceptor from Empire. Perhaps it’s another way in which Rian Johnson’s sequel will pay homage to Empire Strikes Back, but until we have more footage for you to enjoy, here’s a brief overview of Ren’s pilot skills, courtesy of Lucasfilm:

Ren is an expert pilot — thanks to skills passed down from his father — which he puts to use in exploiting his ship’s speed and ferocity. There is no other First Order craft like the TIE silencer, and it is an effective tool in Ren’s mission to destroy the Resistance.

As you can see, it’s a sleek, fully-armed craft that will surely zip through the sky – and indeed the cosmos – like a possessed demon. But there is one thing Kylo Ren isn’t prepared for, and that’s Poe Dameron, the greatest pilot in all the galaxy.

Besides, we all know how much Ren wants to emulate the ‘legacy’ of Vader, so we imagine Adam Driver’s power-mongering baddie will spend a fair chunk of The Last Jedi behind the stick. After all, the sequel’s first teaser showcased a colossal battle scene involving the Resistance and the First Order, so there’s a good chance Poe and Kylo will be caught up in the action.

Following up on The Force Awakens ($2.06 billion) and Rogue One ($1.056 billion), Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be with us on December 15th.