Mark Hamill Tackles Some Of The Many Fan Theories Swirling Around The Last Jedi


From BB-8’s spherical nemesis to Chewbacca hanging up his bowcaster to become a Resistance chef, Mark Hamill leaves no stone unturned in his dissection of The Last Jedi‘s wildest theories.

Via Rolling Stone’s ‘Fan Theory Exploder’, the Star Wars veteran fielded a series of weird and wonderful questions about Rian Johnson’s newly-released sequel, which is now playing in theaters across the globe (our review) from today, December 15th. They’re completely devoid of spoilers, too, so you needn’t worry about stumbling upon a major plot point before seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi with your own two eyes.

What’s more, this bright and breezy video interview is more of a good-natured celebration of Star Wars fandom, which tends to pore over all the little nuances that make up the series canon. To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s an example of one fan theory, which would see Finn recovering from his injuries in true Cinderella fashion.

Following his injury in The Force Awakens, Finn will remain comatose, only to be awoken by Poe Dameron whispering, “I love you,” to which Finn replies, “I know.”

We could go on, but we’ll not ruin the surprise. Besides, with The Last Jedi now out in the wild, Rian Johnson’s sequel will be the talk of the town for the next two-to-three weeks, during which time it’ll also reign supreme at the global box office.

Buoyed by stellar reviews, the Lucasfilm sequel is said to be targeting a domestic haul north of $200m. This, coupled with its performance overseas, means the film could clear $400 worldwide by Sunday. Not bad for an opening weekend, if we do say so ourselves.

All that’s really left to say is that a new Star Wars film is playing in theaters, and let’s just say Rian Johnson has delivered answers, heart and spectacle. And fair warning: The Last Jedi does not feature a post-credits scene – but there is a touching tribute to the late, great Carrie Fisher.