New Details Reveal Exactly What Was Changed In The Last Jedi’s “No-Women” Fan Edit


Picture the scene: you’ve gained access to the Internet, and the world’s greatest digital repository of human knowledge and intelligence is literally at your fingertips, what do you do?

Well, a group of men’s rights activists have taken it upon themselves to deliver a 46-minute fan edit of Star Wars: The Last Jedi that strips away all of the female characters. Dubbed the “De-Feminized” or “chauvinist” cut, it’s a silly, sexist spin on Rian Johnson’s sequel, and the director has already taken to Twitter to poke fun at what is, essentially, an incoherent fan flick designed to appease those who felt The Last Jedi was a “feminist vehicle.”

It’s also awful, as the folks over at Screen Rant recently ran a fine-tooth comb over this so-called chauvinist cut to identify all the changes – of which there are quite a few. Yes, diminishing any and all female characters is arguably the biggest (and strangest) feat, but it’s not the sole intention of this particular fan edit.

Kylo Ren, for instance, takes out Snoke’s entire posse without so much as breaking a sweat, while Rey struggles to beat a single guard – you know, despite the fact that she’s Force-sensitive and pretty handy with a lightsaber. The entire Canto Bight sequence is nixed, too, while Luke Skywalker’s grand finale is undercut entirely, as the editors behind this chauvinistic footage decided to kill off Mark Hamill’s Force ghost immediately, robbing him of his tense duel with Kylo Ren.

Also, Vice Admiral Holdo ceases to exist, placing Poe Dameron in control of the Resistance’s last remaining warship, as he powers up the hyperspace warping device for a scene loosely inspired by Han Solo.

It’s an admittedly daft and forgettable take on Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but if nothing else, it’s certainly tickled the sequel’s creative team: