Snoke’s Backstory Exists, And It May Weave Its Way Into A Future Star Wars Movie


Who is Supreme Leader Snoke, exactly?

It’s a good question, and one that writer-director Rian Johnson chose to leave by the wayside during The Last Jedi. But Snoke’s backstory is out there, and it may well inspire future installments in the Star Wars franchise.

At least, that’s according to Andy Serkis, who spoke to Entertainment Weekly in anticipation of The Last Jedi‘s Blu-ray release. Amid chatter about the former First Order ruler – remember, Kylo Ren staked a claim for the throne towards the end of the Lucasfilm sequel – Serkis outlined the creative approach to Snoke, and why creating a genuine sense of intrigue and mystery was always a top priority.

We wanted him to have a great deal of mystery, but we did … J.J. [Abrams] and I discussed it, and Rian [Johnson] and I did discuss backstories to him, where he came from. I’ve been asked to not shed anything, should we want to bring him back in any way whether [in a] prequel or whatever. I think there’s something cool about that. It still does remain a mystery for people. I know that some people find it incredibly frustrating, but I think it allows for further exploration and layering at a further point.

And make no mistake, Andy Serkis is game to reprise his role as the erstwhile Supreme Leader – either in Star Wars: Episode IX or beyond – as he believes there’s still plenty of room to explore.

Yeah, I would love to think that there is room for him to come back. I think anything’s possible in a Star Wars movie. I’d be all up for it. I think there’s a lot more to be had from the character for sure, but I’m not in discussions with anybody at all about it.

As for the dynamic between Snoke and Rey, Serkis admits that his on-screen mega-villain was somewhat blindsided by Daisy Ridley’s heroine, who was able to forge a long-distance relationship with Kylo Ren from the safety of Ahch-To.

I played him as incredibly threatened by this female, which he’s not used to or doesn’t understand. He completely underestimates Rey, obviously, but he can sense that there’s a strength there that certainly Kylo Ren doesn’t have. I would say he’s pretty misogynistic in that respect. Interestingly. For our time.

The Last Jedi‘s Digital debut has been penciled in for March 13th, with the Blu-ray expected on March 27th. Next up for the Lucasfilm franchise is the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story on May 25th.

Source: EW