One Star Wars Theory Claims To Have Identified A Link Between Luke And Snoke


“Darkness rises…and light to meet it.”

Just when you thought the deluge of Star Wars fan theories had ceased in the wake of The Last Jedi, has unearthed yet another speculative tidbit pertaining to Rian Johnson’s critically-adorned (yet oddly controversial) sequel.

This one comes to us by way of Reddit (!), which immediately raises suspicion right off the bat, as the so-called “front page of the Internet” tends to be inundated with fan-fiction and baseless theories day in, day out. With that said, let’s indulge in a little speculation, as one Redditor claims to have identified a link between Luke Skywalker and Supreme Leader Snoke, the booming, all-seeing tyrant perched at the tip-top of the First Order. Minor spoilers to follow!

A user by the name of ‘RomiBraman’ is alleging that Luke Skywalker is actually responsible for the creation of Snoke. It’s a stretch, of course, but the theory goes a little something like this:

The [whole] idea of Rey in episode 8 is that she became so powerful because Kylo was himself becoming quite powerful and the force had to be balanced.

Like Snoke says : “Darkness rises… and light to meet it.”

So is the opposite also true?

When both the emperor and Vader died, the Force was clearly profoundly unbalanced with only Luke remaining. Does it mean Snoke’s power suddenly manifested the same way Rey’s did in TFA? It would make an interesting book.

Interesting, but not very plausible. For one, The Force Awakens largely revolves around the awakening within Kylo Ren, who is courted over to the dark side by a power-mongering Snoke. It would also debunk those suggestions that Andy Serkis’ booming leader is actually an ancient, Force-sensitive being, one with untold power. Besides, surely Vader killed Palpatine to bring balance to the Force, thereby ensuring a relatively happy, upbeat ending to Jedi?

All in all, don’t read into this one too much, as it makes an assumption based only on quotes from Snoke…and not much else. What we do know is Star Wars: The Last Jedi has staked its claim for box office glory, and the Lucasfilm sequel is well on its way to surpassing Rogue One‘s billion-dollar haul.