The Last Jedi Novelization Sheds Light On Snoke’s Bloody Past


Is there another Star Wars movie as divisive as The Last Jedi?

Probably not, but Rian Johnson, the creative mind responsible for Episode VIII, has welcomed the at-times heated debate on the belief that The Last Jedi is a movie worth debating. And that’s putting it mildly.

But thanks to the film’s novelization, these past few days have brought forth new intel on Leia’s fate, Luke’s long-lost wife, and the scrapped romance between Rey and Kylo Ren (or should that be Reylo?). But now, the folks over at Dork Side of the Force have relayed some new pieces of information relating to Supreme Leader Snoke and, more specifically, his dark, bloody past.

The novel, which is due to hit store shelves on March 6th, was penned by New York Times bestselling author Jason Fry, who worked alongside Rian Johnson. What follows is a list of bullet points concerning Snoke’s history, along with his rise to power:

  • Snoke has murdered and destroyed legions of countless adversaries, who underestimated him in time’s past.
  • Snoke was an unexpected leader of the First Order.
  • Imperial leadership who survived the Battle of Jakku did not foresee his rise to power.
  • Gallius Rax, Sloane, the political lunatic Ormes Apolin or even Brendol Hux did not see this rise coming.
  • The Supreme Leader either killed them or arranged for their death himself. Only Armitage Hux (general Hux from The Last Jedi ) is spared, but Snoke only uses him as a tool.
  • The rise of the First Order was more opportunistic for Snoke, and not his grand plan.
  • Emperor Palpatine’s contingency, Operation Cinder, was engineered to destroy the Empire upon his death and bring forth a rebirth of it, stronger than it was before. Snoke used that to his advantage, with Darth Sidious unaware that Snoke would be the one to see it through.

The blowout continues below:

  • Snoke does not need Rey for her powers like Sidious did with Luke, but, he muses that she would have been a worthy apprentice in his past endeavors.
  • Even though Snoke claims that Kylo Ren has redeemed himself, his use for Kylo is over — due to his unstable nature within the Force.
  • Snoke contemplates that after Kylo Ren kills Rey and the Resistance is destroyed, he’ll re-think Kylo’s future or even kill him.
  • When Snoke reveals that he was the one to connect Rey and Kylo Ren through the Force, he notices Kylo’s surprise reaction to that very truth.
  • Snoke believes Kylo Ren is capable of greatness if he entirely turns away from the Light Side.

It’s official: the novelization of Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits bookshelves on March 6th (pre-order here) – just in time for the forthcoming Blu-ray release late next month.