Visual Dictionary For Star Wars: The Last Jedi Confirms There Are Currently No Sith Lords


Supreme Leader Snoke is the Star Wars equivalent of a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, nestled inside some galactic enigma. But who is he, exactly?

A good question for another time, given what transpired in The Last Jedi. But one thing we can tell you with absolute certainty is that Snoke is not a Sith Lord, as that thousand-year lineage between Darth Bane and Vader came to an end when the latter killed off his corrupted mentor, Darth Sidious – otherwise known as the great and powerful Emperor Palpatine.

That’s a piece of intel that was buried within the pages of Pablo Hidalgo’s Visual Dictionary, which released in tandem with Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In it, Hidalgo cites a prophecy that “foretold the end of the Sith,” even if evil continues to persist in the galaxy. As Snoke said in The Last Jedi: “Darkness rises…and light to meet it.”

Here’s that extract from Hidalgo’s companion piece:

Snoke is powerful in the dark side of the Force, but he is not Sith. That thousand-year lineage stretching from Darth Bane to the last Sith Lord, Darth Vader, was undone when Vader died destroying his mentor, Darth Sidious. The fulfillment of an ancient prophecy foretold the end of the Sith, but it never predicted the end of darkness.

It’s by no means the only Star Wars tie-in to arrive in time for Christmas, as just yesterday, Phil Szostak’s book uncovered a gallery of never-before-seen art featuring Captain Phasma, the First Order’s Supreme Leader, along with his enraged apprentice, Kylo Ren.

The man formerly known as Ben Solo enjoyed a huge, earth-shaking arc in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and we simply can’t wait to see how that factors into the so-far untitled Episode IX in 2019. And that’s December of 2019, given Lucasfilm’s trilogy-capper was pushed six months to accommodate the changeover between Colin Trevorrow and J.J. Abrams.