Star Wars Theory Explains How Ki-Adi Mundi Caused The Fall Of The Jedi Order


A big part of being in the Star Wars community revolves around discussing different fan theories, even if they sound utterly absurd at first. For instance, who would’ve thought Jedi Master Ki-Adi Mundi is to blame for the fall of the Jedi Order, and consequently, the Galactic Republic?

If little else, the Prequel Trilogy actually did a good job of expanding viewers’ understanding of a galaxy far, far away by depicting the glorious days of the Republic. In addition to that, we’d only ever heard of the Jedi Order, supposedly the guardians of peace and justice, until the movies showed them in full force. One key element of the pre-Empire age, as depicted by George Lucas, was the ignorance of the Jedi which ultimately led to their undoing.

Now, according to a new fan theory posted on Reddit, Jedi Master Ki-Adi Mundi is directly responsible for most of the mistakes the Council made during the Clone Wars, and even before it.

As the user points out, Mundi was the first person to deny the return of the Sith after Qui-Gon’s encounter with Darth Maul on Tatooine. Moreover, when Satine contacted the Jedi to ask for their help, he withheld assistance, which ultimately led to Maul seizing control of the planet and further complicating the war. Master Mundi was also the first to accuse Ahsoka during her trial, and we all know the Padawan leaving was what mainly fueled Anakin’s distrust of the Council.

And finally, Mundi’s most iconic moment, which has turned into a long-standing meme, was when he randomly brought up the topic of Wookies, causing Master Yoda to leave Coruscant for Kashyyyk. Imagine how differently things would’ve turned out if Yoda was there when Anakin found out the truth about Palpatine.

Granted, this theory might seem silly at first, but when you really look at the details, it checks out; Ki-Adi Mundi inadvertently did more to advance Darth Sidious’s plans than he could possibly hope to comprehend.