Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Reveals What Luke Ate In The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars Luke Jedi

The world of Star Wars isn’t exactly comparable to the one we’re living in, so it’d be reasonable to assume that the people of that galaxy far, far away are on a unique diet.

What food items comprise that chain, though, is anyone’s guess. Even the many hundreds of folks who’ve contributed to George Lucas’ creation haven’t gone through a lot of effort to explain that certain aspect of the fictional universe. Still, one of our burning questions as fans is what Luke had on Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back. Whatever it was, it must have been good, even in the days of the Republic, since Yoda really wanted to try it out. Or maybe after so many years in exile, he wanted to grab a bite of anything besides what he could usually find in the marshes.

Either way, we never got a conclusive answer, at least until now. Recently, a fan asked Mark Hamill about that scene and wondered what Lucas gave him to eat. Knowing Hamill and his tendency to engage with fans on social media, it didn’t surprise us that the actor took the time to answer this question and unravel another one of Star Wars‘ mysteries.

“It was just a sesame breadstick. There were also Tic Tacs in that box. I’m not joking. TIC TACS. #True Story,” He wrote on Twitter.

It’s a disappointing answer in all honesty, but you should remember that back in the day, Star Wars lore wasn’t as comprehensive or detailed as it is today. Granted, Lucas could’ve come up with some specialties like in A New Hope, but seeing as how the camera didn’t really focus on Luke’s lunchbox, what we got was as equally mysterious. Well, until today, that is.