Stargate Reboot Lands Two Writers



Looking back at the cinematic calendar for 1994 and the quantity of modern classics released within those 365 days is staggering. Pulp Fiction, Four Weddings And A Funeral, Forrest Gump… all mainstream hits that enraptured both audiences and critics. If you brush aside the popular chaff you’ll find a handful of genre gems; in particular, Roland Emmerich’s underrated sci-fi flick, Stargate.

Emmerich, currently gearing up to relaunch his blockbuster franchise Independence Day, is hard at work on simultaneously kickstarting the Stargate brand. The in-development movie – which is heralded as the beginning of a new trilogy – has now found its writers. According to a report from THR, Emmerich appears to be employing those with whom he’s already familiar. Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods, who helped ID2 land the greenlight thanks to their script, are now on board to pen the first Stargate instalment.

The duo have struck up a solid relationship with the director that’s showing signs of continuance. In addition to Independence Day 2 and Stargate, they struck a secretive deal with Emmerich’s Centropolis Entertainment production outfit for an action thriller.

This current cluster of upcoming projects will find the pair chained to their laptops feverishly churning out drafts, which may impede their burgeoning acting careers. Wright appeared in Emmerich’s White House Down before a shift to the small screen for recurring roles on Manhattan Love Story and Sensitive Skin. Similarly, Woods had a brief role in Source Code that led to several high-profile video game voiceover credits.

However, the opportunity to pen not one, but two major Hollywood reboots was no doubt too tempting to turn down. Stargate was a modest hit at the time of release and went on to spawn a few straight-to-video sequels and several TV series. Starring James Spader and Kurt Russell, it revolved around a mysterious device that allows access into an alternate reality populated by Egyptian descendants. Will the movie follow that same timeline? It’s anybody’s guess at this stage, but we’ll keep you posted with any further updates.

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