Stargirl Reportedly Set To Join The DCEU With A Solo Movie


One of the great things about comic book adaptations is their ability to draw attention to compelling characters that the general public isn’t too familiar with, and the latest set to receive the big screen treatment is Stargirl. According to Giant Freakin Robot, Courtney Whitmore will join more famous DC characters in headlining her own movie, although details are currently sparse as to what its realization will look like.

The character is a teenage girl who becomes a superhero after taking up the Cosmic Staff, allowing her to manipulate the stellar energy it absorbs to simulate a number of powers. Of course, she’s already been brought to live action several times previously in the likes of Legends of Tomorrow and Smallville, and most recently and prominently in her own CW show. Its events saw her attempting to establish a new JSA after identifying several outcasts in her school in whom she saw potential to take on the mantles of the deceased heroes to form a new generation of the super team and put an end to the nefarious goings on in their small Nebraska town.

It’s unlikely the adaptation will go in this direction, at least not straight away, partly to avoid being too similar to the TV series, and also because one need only look at the mishandled mess of the DCEU to see what happens when you try to feature a team-up without bothering to lay the groundwork establishing who the characters to be featured actually are.

Instead, it will most likely see Courtney moving to a new town, having a run-in with a bitchy contemporary named Cindy who will turn out to be one and the same with a masked madwoman nicknamed Shiv wreaking havoc against people who offend her violent sensibilities, and using the items discovered in her stepfather’s belongings to become a masked crimefighter.

This is all pure speculation at the moment, but when more details are released about what we can expect from the Stargirl film, we’ll be sure to let you know.