Stark Lends A Helping Hand In Another Suit-Centric Promo For Spider-Man: Homecoming


He’s a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist, but as it turns out, Tony Stark also makes a fine father figure to Tom Holland’s budding Web-Head, Peter Parker.

That wildly entertaining relationship, one that can be traced back to the moment when Stark yelled “underoos!” during Captain America: Civil War, will reach dizzying new heights in Spider-Man: Homecoming, wherein Robert Downey Jr.’s best-in-class inventor helps his fellow Avenger get to grips with a cutting-edge new suit.

From hyper-responsive eye-slits to sophisticated web shooters, web-wings to that cute little detachable Spider-Drone, the Spidey suit seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming is arguably the most advanced one yet, which will surely stand Parker in good stead as he takes the fight to The Vulture (Michael Keaton) and his unruly associates.

Curious to know more about the super-suit at Peter Parker’s disposal? A new featurette for Homecoming has scurried online today, which includes an all-too-brief snippet from Robert Downey Jr. himself, who touches base on Spidey’s many abilities and that aforementioned father-son dynamic between his Tony Stark, an aloof genius who doesn’t play well with others, and Holland’s web-slinger, a teenage bursting at the seams with personality. Together, the form arguably one of the more compelling double acts in the entire MCU – save for maybe Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) – and we can hardly wait to see that relationship unfold in a few weeks’ time.

Spider-Man: Homecoming slings into theatres in time for July 7th. Word is that Jon Watts’ reboot is scoring relatively well in Marvel’s internal screenings, while analysts predict a relatively strong opening weekend in the region of $135 million. Stay tuned for more on that one as we inch closer to launch.

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