Did Star-Lord And Captain Marvel Date At One Point In The MCU?


As we still don’t know much about her personal life, there’s been a lot of speculation from fans over Captain Marvel‘s romantic history and preferences, with folks trying to pair her up with various fellow heroes like Thor or Valkyrie. A new theory suggests that she might have already hooked up with another Marvel character though, and one who we wouldn’t have expected: Star-Lord. No, really.

This fan theory, suggested by Reddit user Alexandrite1234, has it that Peter Quill and Carol Danvers might have been an item prior to the events of Guardians of the Galaxy, long before they fought on the same side to save the universe in Avengers: Endgame. The key bit of evidence here is the line in the 2014 James Gunn movie when Quill recalls dating a “Kree girl” who almost tore out his thorax.

That might not be much to hinge a theory on, but it’s certainly possible that the pair could have crossed paths. After all, Carol’s been zooming around the galaxy since the events of Captain Marvel in the 1990s. Likewise, Star-Lord toured the cosmos stealing stuff for the Ravagers prior to the formation of the Guardians. Obviously, Carol isn’t Kree by birth, but it’s also theoretically sound that she could’ve told Quill that her homeworld was Hala, as she spent a long time there and also has Kree blood.

The theorist also mentions the shared motif that both Captain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy have: trolls. The 80s toys turn up in both films, as Star-Lord tricks Yondu by handing him an orb with one inside while Mar-Vell’s spaceship is full of them. Maybe Quill and Carol met in a space bar and bonded over their love of 80s culture?

We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you’re going to make this part of your personal canon, but as for the future, we’ve already heard that Captain Marvel 2 could explore a relationship between Carol and Maria Rambeau. Or so says director Anna Boden.

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