Joker Origins Film Could Be R-Rated With Nudity


With principal photography now scheduled to get underway on September 22nd, expect updates regarding the Joker origin film to ramp up in the foreseeable future. And, to prove we’re not “joking” around, the latest tidbit is suggesting that the titular jester might be – rather appropriately – taken down a dark path.

Having secured a trio of Academy Award calibre talent in the form of producer Martin Scorsese, star Joaquin Phoenix and writer Scott Silver, Warner Bros. greenlit their Joker origin film a few weeks back and is currently eyeing a 2019 release. Slated to wrap production sometime between December and February, the Todd Phillips-helmed picture should have no trouble hitting the target, and with the aforementioned start date looming, we may have just received our first bit of significant intel.

According to CBM (H/T Omega Underground), there’s word going around the standalone DC film could be headed toward an R-rating, as nudity is said to be a requirement for some of the smaller female actresses. I mean, with Joker believed to be depicting Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) as a failed comedian, and seeing as your average stand-up does take a gig or two in a strip club, the casting call would make sense.

Momentarily, though, this is nothing more than speculation, at least until DC and WB confirm, or state otherwise. That said, given Birds of Prey is also expected to be tagged with an R-rating, the whole thing could signal the creation of a much more mature universe than we’re used to witnessing. Regardless, once we learn more about the Joker and his impending solo effort, we’ll be sure to let you know.