If I Stay Promo Trailer Asks You About Your Best Day, Plus Lots Of New Shots

if i stay 2

Recovered from The Fault In Our Stars yet? Good – now you can mentally steel yourself to weep uncontrollably all over again with next month’s If I Stay, a promising adaptation of the Gayle Forman novel about a young cellist forced to make an unimaginable choice between life and death after a terrible accident.

In the film, directed by R.J. Cutler, Mia Hall (Chloë Grace Moretz) is a talented young musician whose biggest worry is whether to attend Juilliard or go somewhere else to remain close to her adoring boyfriend Adam (Jamie Blackley). Then, one fateful day, Mia’s world is turned upside down when her family is killed in a horrific car crash, which leaves her in a coma, suspended between life and death. Suddenly, Mia is confronted with a great and terrible dilemma –  or stay and wake up to face a cruel world she never could have imagined without her closest loved ones, or she can slip away forever and be at peace.

Even just writing that, I got a sizable lump in my throat, so chances are that AMC employees will be selling tissue boxes outside the theater for this one. With a supremely talented young actress like Moretz in the lead, I’ll definitely be first in line to see If I Stay – and a supporting cast including Mireille Enos (AMC/Netflix’s The Killing) and Liana Liberato (so great in Trust and Stuck in Love) should ensure that the acting is top-notch all the way around.

Now, a new promo trailer for the film, echoing Mia, is asking audiences to contribute their best day through social media. You can check out that video below:

A new set of images has also landed online, and you can check those out below.

If I Stay opens August 22nd. Will you be in line for this teen weepie, or have your tear ducts endured enough punishment this summer?


Source: The Playlist