Step aside, Sandler: Chris Hemsworth celebrates ‘Spiderhead’ debuting at #1 on Netflix

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Chris Hemsworth is celebrating his new Netflix film, Spiderhead, debuting at number one on the streaming service over the weekend, dislodging Adam Sandler’s critically acclaimed drama, Hustle, for the top spot.

“A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who streamed #Spiderhead and made it the #1 film on Netflix each day of its opening weekend in 45 countries and Top 10 in 93 countries!” Hemsworth wrote on Instagram.

The Thor actor went on to thank not only the fans, but the cast, crew, filmmakers, and Netflix themselves.

“It was incredible to work alongside director #JosephKosinski and #MilesTeller @jurneesmollett and we are all so so proud of this film. Love you guys and thank you!!”

In the social media post, Hemsworth shared an article by MovieWeb, who published an article Saturday stating, “The film debuted on the streamer on June 17, and Netflix subscribers were right there waiting, as Spiderhead quickly dethroned Adam Sandler’s Hustle to become the No. 1 most-watched movie in the top 10 list.”

While Netflix’s main website has a dedicated top-10 list that refreshes daily — likely what the article and Hemsworth were citing — they also have a separate viewership data website that gives the weekly breakdown, called Netflix Top 10. On that website, Spiderhead currently sits comfortably in the number two spot, just behind Hustle, for the week of June 13-19. Considering Spiderhead only arrived on the streaming service for the last few days of that week, we’d say it’s still pretty impressive that they snagged a top spot for the week. Spiderhead snagged 35.4 million hours of views last week, while Hustle scored 57.2 million hours of views.

You can watch Spiderhead, touted as a cross between Black Mirror and Shutter Island, on Netflix now.

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