Stephen Amell Comments On Who’d Win In A Fight Between Green Arrow And Hawkeye


For as long as more than one superhero has existed, fans have debated who’d win in a fight between their favorite do-gooders. And over the years, there have been a variety of comic books that have answered some of those questions, with video game series like Injustice and Marvel vs. Capcom allowing for us all to take this notion to the next level.

Regardless, there’s seemingly nothing that’ll stymie heated debates, as we learned over the weekend at Motor City Comic Con. In fact, during a panel, one fan asked Stephen Amell who’d win if the character he currently plays on television, the Green Arrow, and Hawkeye came to blows.

Here’s what he had to offer:

“I think that any iteration of Green Arrow would beat any iteration of Hawkeye just based on the fact he’s not weird and left-handed. I’m kidding, I’m kidding, just kidding!”

While Amell firmly stands behind his own character – as any actor should – he was speaking in jest. And despite the fact that Clint Barton owes his existence to Oliver Queen, the two have generously diverged over the years. In short, they have different backgrounds, different missions, etc.

In truth, Amell has been known to show solidarity with his counterpart over at Marvel, lest we forget the infamous “it’s hard out here for an archer” Tweet from a couple months back. More often than not, actors like to be supportive of each other, especially if their respective characters share commonalities. Plus, Amell has a reputation of being a pretty stand-up guy, so it’s doubtful he’d want to upset Jeremy Renner.

Either way, Oliver Queen will have his hands full within the next year. Not only is Batwoman confirmed for the next major DC TV crossover, but Amell himself has also teased another major arrival in the immediate future. Theoretical mashups with Marvel aside, it’s an exciting time to be alive.

Arrow returns for its seventh season on Mondays this fall on The CW.

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