Stephen King Announces His Top 10 Films Of 2010

Stephen King’s top 10 films of the year list has been announced in advance of the publication of his article for the next issue of Entertainment Weekly. The list is varied but dominated by genre films and the mainstream, however he usually chimes with critical opinion.

In 2008 he named The Dark Knight the best film of the year and called The Hurt Locker as the best film in 2009. The full list is below.

  1. Let Me In
  2. The Town
  3. Inception
  4. The Social Network
  5. Takers
  6. Kick-Ass
  7. Splice
  8. Monsters
  9. Jackass 3D
  10. Green Zone

So a diverse, interesting list but also troubling. Regardless of what critics tell you Let Me In is a bad film first and foremost, but the fact that it is placed above Inception and The Social Network is more than enough to raise an eyebrow. King also names it as “the best horror film of the decade” which it isn’t. It’s not even the best horror film this year. However I guess we could have seen it coming though, knowing that he is the most successful horror author of all time.

It is nice though to see some recognition of British and indie films like Monsters as well as the controversial Kick-Ass. So I guess a decent list, had that film not been placed at the top. So what do you guys make of his list?