Stephen King Calls Out US Government For Failing To Provide Stimulus Checks

Stephen King

In a recent tweet, acclaimed horror and thriller author Stephen King called out the federal government for failing to reach a consensus when it comes to stimulus checks. Said checks are typically provided to households in order to boost additional spending and prevent an economic recession from taking place.

While there can be no doubt that governing a country is hard, the Trump administration has been widely criticized for not only failing to provide sufficient aid for those who need it, but openly taking advantage of the pandemic by funnelling money to big businesses who are in no need of financial padding whatsoever.

The federal government is currently getting ready to send out another round of stimulus checks, but it cannot get itself to agree on the details.

“This unprecedented expansion of federal assistance will help millions of workers, families, patients, businesses and governments survive this historic public health and economic crisis,” Senate Finance Committee Chairman Grassley says, but all this has yet to show.

To be fair, the United States could have done a lot worse. Although unemployment benefits initially took a while to arrive, many who finally did receive them now comment on the fact that they’re receiving more money on welfare than they did while working. One wonders though if the money could have been distributed more evenly either way.

As far as Stephen King is concerned, he just wants to see it done. Of course, the writer is no stranger to criticizing society and calling out public figures on their blunders, and his recent message makes for quite the attack. Government officials aren’t doing their job? Simple, just put them in their offices without air conditioning until they do. With the current heatwave going on, they should reach an agreement in no time.