Stephen King Highly Recommends Amazon Prime’s New Thriller


Stephen King is best known for his work in the horror field, but he’s also been known to tackle all kinds of other genres from time to time, and his taste in movies appears to be similarly eclectic. The acclaimed author recently took to Twitter to offer a ringing endorsement to one of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s recent pics, 7500an action-thriller released by Amazon Studios.

King can often be found engaging with his followers on the social network, and his praise for 7500 came in response to a tweet recommending the movie and lauding Gordon-Levitt’s performance in it.


7500 stars Gordon-Levitt as a mild-mannered co-pilot named Tobias Ellis, who steps up to protect the lives of his passengers and fellow crew when his plane is hijacked by terrorists. Since premiering at the Locarno Film Festival last August, the movie has been met with generally positive reviews, with The Dark Knight Rises star being singled out for plaudits. In fact, the critical consensus seems to be that Gordon-Levitt’s performance carries the pic and singlehandedly keeps it afloat.

Interestingly, it was almost another actor in the cockpit of 7500, with Paul Dano having originally been cast in the part of Ellis before dropping out due to scheduling conflicts. He’s probably been super busy since landing the role of the Riddler in 2021’s The Batman.

A King endorsement is an impressive feat for 7500, considering it’s the first feature film directed by Patrick Vollrath, who also wrote the script for it. No doubt he’ll be one to watch in the future, though he doesn’t appear to have any new projects on the horizon just yet.

If Stephen King‘s recommendation has you curious about 7500, it’s now available to stream on Amazon Prime. Just make sure you don’t confuse it with the 2016 horror movie Flight 7500. It’s easy to get them mixed up, for obvious reasons.