Stephen King Reveals His 22 Favorite Movies Of All Time

Stephen-King-IT-Movie-Pennywise (1)

If any author to have existed within our lifetime can lay claim to having a fair amount of their work adapted to cinema, it’s most definitely Stephen King. Granted, his books are amazing in their own right, but there’s something doubly cool about seeing them brought to life.

Of course, Mr. King is just like the rest of us when you get down to it, as he does enjoy taking in a good movie when he has the free time to spare. And when it comes to a mind such as his, it’s expected that folks be curious to learn which flicks he digs most.

Believe it or not, no less than 22 recommendations have been given by the legendary scribe in recent interviews. So without further ado, here they are:

The Autopsy of Jane Doe – André Øvredal, 2016
The Blair Witch Project – Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez, 1999
The Changeling – Peter Medak, 1980
Crimson Peak – Guillermo del Toro, 2015
Dawn of the Dead – Zack Snyder, 2004
Deep Blue Sea – Renny Harlin, 1999

The Descent – Neil Marshall, 2005
Duel – Steven Spielberg, 1971
Les Diaboliques – Henri-Georges Clouzot, 1955
Final Destination – James Wong, 2000
Event Horizon – Paul W.S. Anderson, 1997

The Hitcher – Robert Harmon, 1986 and Dave Meyers, 2007
The Last House on the Left – Dennis Iliadis, 2009
The Mist – Frank Darabont, 2007
Night of the Demon – Jacques Tourneur, 1957
The Ruins – Carter Smith, 2008
Sorcerer – William Friedkin, 1977
Stepfather – Joseph Ruben, 1986
Stir of Echoes – David Koepp 1999
The Strangers – Bryan Bertino, 2008
Village of the Damned – Wolf Rilla, 1960
The Witch – Robert Eggers, 2015

As you can see, some of the movies listed are from the horror genre, some are not, and others are a little more obscure to the mainstream. But no matter how you slice it, King has good taste.

Interestingly enough, 2019 has been a particularly packed year for Stephen King adaptations on film. Already, audiences have been dazzled by the Pet Sematary remake, with IT: Chapter Two poised to smash the box office on September 6th. Then, The Shining sequel I’ve been waiting for, Doctor Sleep, is set to follow on November 8th.