Stephen King Teases It: Chapter Two News Coming Soon


If you’re reading this sentence, then chances are you’re already well aware that a sequel to 2017’s It is in the works, and that the name of this follow-up is, appropriately enough, It: Chapter Two. But what would seem like old news coming from you or me takes on an intriguing new context when author Stephen King is the one delivering the message. So perhaps it’s only logical that a seemingly mundane tweet from the writer is drawing an unusual amount of attention.

King’s recent and somewhat mysterious social media comment reads as follows:

“IT CHAPTER 2 is coming.”

And while it’s possible that there’s nothing to be learned from this message, the fact that King is mentioning the upcoming film over a month after production has wrapped has led fans to wonder if an It-related development is headed our way very soon. As for what this reveal could be, an initial teaser trailer certainly seems likely. Then again, maybe it’s nothing, and King just wanted to remind us that we’ll be getting another killer clown movie next year.

Regardless, the flick’s production has already given us plenty of set material to look over, including some early pics of the adult cast who’ll be taking over from the kids as the grown-up Losers’ Club. Among these new faces is Bill Hader, who said last month that he was surprised by just how emotional the horror sequel gets, explaining that the film essentially boils down to a story about a group of people with a shared trauma.

We’ll find out if It: Chapter Two can find the humanity in its fantastical tale when it hits theaters on September 6th, 2019. In the meantime, let’s wait and see if King is going somewhere with his head-scratcher of a comment.