Steve Buscemi Dresses As “Fellow Kid” To The Delight Of Neighbors On Halloween


Leave it to actor Steve Buscemi to bring the fun to Halloween with a meta costume that fully embraces his induction into memedom.

The actor popped up from his much-celebrated “How do you do, fellow kids?” costume in Brooklyn Sunday night, much to the delight of trick-or-treaters in his Park Slope neighborhood.

The Fargo actor was spotted handing out candy in the costume that originally appeared in a 30 Rock episode in 2012, where he played a private detective character. The costume Buscemi was seen sporting Sunday was pretty much identical, complete with a backward cap, red sweatshirt, skateboard, and a t-shirt with the distinctive logo “Music Band.’

Check out the original clip below:

The original 30 Rock episode where Buscemi appeared was called The Private Investigator and featured his character unsuccessfully trying to blend in with a group of high schoolers, announcing, “how do you do, fellow kids?” Buscemi was apparently a good sport about dishing out selfies to fans, as well.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Buscemi play the strategically-minded Nucky Thompson in HBO’s critically acclaimed bootlegging drama set in Atlantic City, Boardwalk Empire, but we for one would love to see him revise the role in the future, as had long ago been rumored to be in development.

While the actor is famous for playing weirdos and criminals and movies and TV, he purportedly has had a bit of a hero’s streak in his private life, having worked as a New York City Firefighter in the 1980s before his acting career took off.

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