Steve Carell To Star In Upcoming Heist Film Conviction

From “world’s best boss” to “world’s best burglar” Steve Carell will star in and produce Conviction, a film where he plays a bank robber extraordinaire who serves five years in prison after a heist-gone-wrong.

The script for Conviction, written by Jonathan Herman and featured on The Black List, was brought in as a speculative screenplay for Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures two years ago. Originally, it was meant to be a heist film, but it’s being turned into more of an action comedy, in the tone of Ocean’s 11.

I would watch Steve Carell in almost anything at this point to ward off the withdrawal symptoms I started getting after Michael Scott left The Office, so I’m all for this film. Also, it’ll be fun to see Carell star in a more action-style role.

What do you think? Is this a wise choice for Steve Carell? Let us know in the comments.