Steve Martin Returns For Gay Marriage-Themed Father Of The Bride 3



Did you think that the Father of the Bride franchise had run its course after two films? Did you?! Well, you were wrong, because George Banks (Steve Martin) and family are back again for yet another wedding in Father of the Bride 3. This time it’s the Banks’ son Matty about to get hitched and here’s the twist: it’s totally to a guy!

That’s right, Father of the Bride 3 will tackle the subject of gay marriage in its next iteration. Matty is now 29 years old and about to marry the love of his life: the son of a U.S. Navy SEAL. This being a Hollywood comedy, of course Papa Banks is a bit shocked by the whole thing because…he didn’t know his son was gay? Something like that. Anyways, he’s “thunderstruck” by the marriage, resulting in comedic shenanigans and assuredly some nice, charming lessons about the importance of family and loving your children and accepting them for who they are and who they love.

All of which is a wonderful project, and I’m sure that Father of the Bride 3 will fulfill its promise. It’s a testament to how far we’ve come as a culture that a happy homosexual relationship can be depicted in something as mainstream as a family comedy. So while this is far from edgy, I’m pleased that Father of the Bride 3 is going this route.

Steve Martin will return to his role as the pater familias in Father of the Bride 3, with the director of the two 90s films, Charles Shyer, back at the helm. The script is being written by Shyer and Marc Klein, after original scriptwriter Nancy Myers declined to return to the franchise. It’s not yet clear if Diane Keaton will reprise her role as Nina Banks, though I think we can hold out hope. It’s an easy paycheck and I’d be surprised if she doesn’t want to come back.

Source: /Film

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