Steve-O Reveals Disgusting Dog Poop Stunt That Was Rejected For Jackass 4


Steve-O may have been clean and sober for thirteen years having conquered his personal demons, but that doesn’t mean he’s toned down his wild and crazy antics in the slightest. On just the second day of shooting on Jackass 4, he ended up in the hospital alongside Johnny Knoxville, and even at 47 years old he’s still pushing the envelope when it comes to dangerous and often disgusting stunts.

One of the major questions surrounding the upcoming fourth installment in the franchise, one that’s also been posed by the cast and filmmakers themselves, is whether or not audiences will have much interest in seeing a bunch of middle-aged guys doing the same stuff that first brought them to mainstream attention and notoriety over two decades ago.

Steve-O has now unveiled the awful circumstances to follow a gag that was deemed too far for Jackass 4, but he went ahead and did it anyway. However, he’s probably regretting that decision after being admitted to the hospital with an ear canal full of dog sh*t.

“My ear canal is filled with dog sh*t and it came with such force that I’ve done serious damage to the middle of my ear. So I rush into the shower to try to flush it out, but I’m like, ‘I’m not okay, I need medical attention’. Of course, first I got a haircut. Once I was all styling, I went to the urgent care.

I’ve, of course watched every video I’ve posted as a story. But. I just can’t. I just ate breakfast! And I can barely pick up and carry my little fur babes packages on our walks. I do! Reluctantly… You’ll have to tell me in the comments if I’ve damaged you. And did I mention this WASN’T deemed worthy for the latest Jackass movie?! Even for me, this was seriously stupid.”


There’s suffering for your art, and then there’s this. A man pushing 50 being willingly shot in the face with a t-shirt cannon full of poop is unusual to say the least, and maybe the Jackass crew are softening in their advancing years if they thought it wasn’t suitable for whatever they’re cooking up.

Of course, if Steve-O has an idea for something he believes to be gnarly enough then he’ll do it no matter the consequences, and you can only imagine the looks he was getting from seasoned medical professionals as he explained the severity of how he ended up with an earful of excrement in the first place.