Steve Rogers Fights To Save [Spoiler] In New Captain America: Civil War Clip


Marvel has released a new clip from Captain America: Civil War, and as you can see in the player above, it finally reveals who’s inside the helicopter that we’ve seen Steve Rogers try so hard to bring back to the ground in the trailers for the movie. Needless to say, that fact that it’s Bucky is definitely a pretty interesting twist (though one that many fans have suggested in recent months).

Talking last year about this pivotal moment in Captain America: Civil War, co-director Joe Russo said:

“He’s hanging onto that helicopter for an extremely passionate reason. In stories you’ll read where a mother will lift a car off a child. There’s something very important happening in that scene and for us it really represented his struggle as a character, one man pitted against a helicopter that’s trying to take off. Can he stop it? And what are the limits of his strength? For us, it’s one of the most powerful shots in the movie and it’s Chris Evans, who works very hard to physically exemplify this character. On set, we had him straining against a crane holding this helicopter, and you have this fantastic shot of his muscles bulging and you can feel the pain and the energy and the determination as he tries to stop this thing.”

Knowing that it’s Bucky in there obviously opens the door to a very long list of new questions about the movie, especially as we have no idea when in Captain America: Civil War this scene takes place or why the former Winter Soldier seemingly attempts to take his best friend out. Could he still be under HYDRA’s control at this point? Time will tell. Regardless, this looks like an exciting moment for fans, and one which should definitely live up to what Joe Russo promises in the quote above.

Stay tuned for more on Captain America: Civil War as we get closer to its release this Thursday, and let us know your thoughts on the scene above in the comments section.