Steven Seagal Is Selling His Bulletproof House For Over $3 Million

Steven Seagal

Despite not being a very good actor, Steven Seagal has done pretty well for himself in Hollywood. Admittedly, it’s been a long time since he was a fixture on the big screen, with his extended cameo in 2010’s Machete the last time one of his movies scored a serious theatrical release, but he’s been continuing to churn out those VOD actioners on a regular basis.

The 69 year-old is also an often controversial and very eccentric presence, having faced many lawsuits throughout his career that have included tax evasion, a bizarre cryptocurrency scheme, sexual harassment and multiple breaches of contract, while he was even banned from Ukraine after being granted citizenship of both Serbia and Russia. So, it’s hardly a surprise to discover that Seagal’s home comes complete with floor-to-ceiling windows that are totally bulletproof.

Steven Seagal in Code of Honor

The ageing martial artist recently put his abode up for sale to the tune of $3.39 million, and the bulletproof windows were named as one of the marquee features along with four bedrooms, a theater, a swimming pool, a spa and a three-car garage. Former UFC star Ronda Rousey, Charlize Theron, Liam Neeson, John Leguizamo, Jean-Claude Van Damme and boxing legend turned grill master George Foreman are just several of the names to have said they’d love to kick his ass over the years, so maybe the extra protection is more than needed.

By all accounts, Steven Seagal appears to be a prize asshole that’s been named as a misogynist, bully, jerk, creep and one of the worst and most uncooperative hosts in the history of Saturday Night Live, so there might not be too many buyers queuing up to spend over $3 million on a property formerly owned by the action star.