Steven Soderbergh May Cut Film Retirement Short To Direct Channing Tatum In Lucky Logan



Three years since announcing his retirement from feature filmmaking, Traffic director Steven Soderbergh is on the verge of assembling a new theatrical project entitled Lucky Logan.

Variety has the scoop, claiming that both Michael Shannon and Channing Tatum are on board to star, with the latter set to reunite with his Magic Mike director. While it appears that Soderbergh is indeed poised to exit his self-imposed retire from the film industry, conflicting reports have since emerged connecting The Martian‘s Matt Damon with the nascent, mysterious project, one which will reportedly revolve around an Ocean’s 11-styled heist.

Sources close to the outlet initially claimed that the movie was titled Hillbilly Heist, not Lucky Logan, leading Soderbergh to take to Twitter to correct the report via Twitter.

Soderbergh remained mum on the actual specifics of the movie itself let alone the plot, but The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that both he and Channing Tatum are attached to the film – no word as yet on the potential casting of Shannon. Concrete details appear to be just around the corner one way of another, with the filmmaker following up on the reports with a ambiguous Tweet:  “Rest assured,” he then tweeted, “all will be revealed when I give my exclusive, no-holds-barred interview with CATSTER magazine. You think I’m kidding.” He added, “To be clear: Facts are SO twentieth century…”

Neither a confirmation nor a denial, we now wait patiently for Steven Soderbergh to divulge new details on Lucky Logan and his potential involvement. One thing’s for sure, though, it appears 2012’s Side Effects won’t be his final feature film after all.

Source: Variety

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