Steven Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky Cast Now Includes Brian Gleeson

Brian Gleeson

It seemed almost inevitable that Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh would return to feature films eventually, after his much publicized retirement announcement, and it was also inevitable that such a return would involve a heist of some kind. That’s exactly what Logan Lucky will deliver, along with an all-star cast that now includes Brian Gleeson.

The actor will soon be seen in Assassin’s Creed, but in Logan Lucky he will play Sam Bang – brother of the characters that are to be played by Daniel Craig and Jack Quaid. Presumably, these are the brothers at the centre of the film’s premise, which sees them try to successfully complete a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina. In addition to Brian Gleeson (son of Brendan, brother of Domhnall), Daniel Craig and Jack Quaid, the cast includes Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Katherine Heigl, Riley Keough, Katherine Waterston, Seth MacFarlane, and Hilary Swank.

All of these performers are known predominantly for drama but have, on occasion, flexed their comedic muscles. This makes them all a great fit for a Steven Soderbergh comedy, which would generally tend to feature characters who are entirely convinced of the seriousness of their situation, while being hilarious as far as the audience is concerned. It can be assumed that further plot details will remain a closely guarded secret until the release date for Logan Lucky approaches – but that doesn’t happen until 2017.

Source: Deadline