Will Steven Spielberg Direct Chris Pratt In The Indiana Jones Reboot?



Last month, we heard that Chris Pratt was being eyed to lead an Indiana Jones reboot that’s in development over at Disney. While nothing has been confirmed on that front just yet, Deadline is telling us that Steven Spielberg is definitely involved and that if the script is up to his standards, he’s interested in directing.

As Deadline’s report mentions, this does make sense, as the director hand-picked Pratt to star in Jurassic World, so he’s obviously a fan. And, given the goodwill and immense popularity that Pratt has earned himself in Hollywood just over the last year or so, there’s really no better choice at the moment than him to restart what is, admittedly, a dying franchise.

Again though, it’s still very early days on this one, and without a script, there’s no telling which direction the project will go in. However, if all goes as planned, we might be seeing an Indiana Jones reboot led by Pratt and Spielberg. And if that’s the case, you certainly won’t hear any complaints from us.

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Source: Deadline

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