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Steven Yeun appears on Jimmy Kimmel to promote ‘Nope,’ but isn’t actually allowed to talk about it

That's a "nope" on further plot details.

Steven Yeun Nope

Perhaps the single most essential skill for the modern actor to have is the poker face. From the MCU to Netflix originals, there’s no shortage of redditors and talk show hosts alike grilling Hollywood stars for a bit of information about the most exciting upcoming movies of the year.

And we can now confirm that Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead, Invincible), is a true master of the craft, showing off his Master’s certificate in the field of media training with an inspiring dodge when asked to confirm or deny plot details about Nope, the highly anticipated third outing from horror icon Jordan Peele, which Yeun stars in.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier today, Steven Yeun spoke with guest host Anthony Anderson, who came armed to the teeth with some of Reddit’s finest work in the field of Nope theory-crafting.

But whether it was callbacks to some of Peele’s previous work or potential plot twists, Yeun held his ground, successfully leaving the internet and audiences alike safely in the dark, as we should be. And to top it all off, when directly asked just what this movie is about, the actor ended his segment with an inch-perfect media pitch, leaving not a single buzzword behind.

Anyone familiar with Peele’s other films will likely be lining up at the cinema at the mere mention of his name. But for those of you that need a little more information, the film will follow the plight of the Haywood siblings, OJ and Emerald (played by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer, respectively), who attempt to capture video evidence of a flying saucer that may or may not house some mysterious creatures.

Nope releases in theaters on July 22.

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