Toy Story’s Rex Becomes A Party Animal In New Short

We all knew that Toy Story 3 would not be the end of the road for our favorite plastic protagonists. Now, thanks to /Film (via EW) we have our first look at their continuing adventures as seen in the upcoming Pixar short Partysaurus Rex, which will screen before the 3D re-release of Finding Nemo on September 14.

The short will focus on Rex, the neurotic Tyrannosaur sidekick from the three Toy Story films, as he tries to reinvent himself following the toys’ move to their new home with Bonnie. Tired of his usual panicky self, Rex (voiced by Wallace Shawn) decides to embrace his new place among the bath time toys. Given that he is the only one who can reach the knobs of the tub to turn the water on after play time to keep the party going, he becomes the new center of power for the underserved playthings.

Director Mark Walsh – who worked as an animator on classic Pixar films like The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Finding Nemo – described the short as a kind of meditation on everyone’s impulse towards a personal renaissance.

What I was going for was, you move to a new town and make new friends, and suddenly you think you have this chance where you can reinvent yourself. I love that Rex, in his sweetness, thinks he can reinvent who he is in the image of a party animal.

Given the unerring strength of the previous Toy Story films and the way that Walsh describes the film as having the same mix of fun and emotional honesty that makes Pixar famous, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this news excites me.

Not only that, but the stills indicate the same level of artistic acumen that we have all become accustom to from Pixar, which in and of itself makes this worth a look.

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