Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown Wants To Be In Star Wars And The Walking Dead


When Stranger Things arrived on Netflix this past summer, it took everyone by storm. With a second season now in production and anticipation high for what’s one of television’s best new shows, it’s safe to say that the entire cast will begin to see a rise in popularity.

One actress who’s seen a significant bump thanks to her work on the series is Millie Bobby Brown, whose character Eleven was a clear fan favorite throughout the first season. Though she’s yet to lock down any further roles in either film or television, she’s certainly got her eye on some pretty exciting projects.


Speaking at a panel during the Rhode Island Comic Con, Brown mentioned that she’d love to join both The Walking Dead and a future Star Wars film. While discussing the former, she mentioned that she wants to be a part of it so badly that she’d even play a zombie:

“There’s this one show I just want to be on so badly, I’ve tried everything to get on The Walking Dead. I don’t even care if I’m a zombie! And I do know that…Negan is here today.”

In regards to the galaxy far, far away, Brown said that she’d like to play a younger version of Princess Leia. Disney doesn’t currently have any plans to explore the character’s life before A New Hope, but given that they’re making a Han Solo prequel, it’s entirely possible that a young Leia will show up at some point as well. And if she does, the studio would be wise to consider the Stranger Things actress.

Circling back to the Netflix series, we already know that Brown is set to return, and with a whole slew of new cast members coming on board, not to mention chatter of a third season already heating up, it’s safe to say that we’ll be getting a whole lot more of Eleven in the years to come – and we’re perfectly alright with that.