Stranger Things Season 4 Will Reportedly Introduce More Of Eleven’s Siblings

Stranger Things

Perhaps the single most polarizing episode of Stranger Things so far was Season 2, Episode 7. “The Lost Sister” split opinion right down the middle, with many fans praising it as a diversion from the standard formula that had served the show so well, while others denigrated it as a sneaky litmus test towards audience interest in a spinoff that contributed nothing to the overall arc in the grand scheme of things.

The detour finds Eleven hunting down her ‘sister’ Eight, which leads into what’s essentially an hour-long tribute to The Warriors, one that ends with Millie Bobby Brown’s powerful teenager realizing she needs to use her gifts to help her friends, not run away in an effort to keep them safe. If you weren’t a fan of the episode, then we may have some bad news for you.

According to our information – which came from the same sources who told us Netflix were developing a prequel series for The Witcher long before Blood Origin was announced – we’ll be meeting even more of Eleven’s siblings whenever Season 4 finally arrives, but there’s a different angle this time.

One of the recent promos teased the return of Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brenner, and even more children being experimented on. In the expanded Stranger Things canon, a comic book series revealed the mysterious Nine as being the most powerful of the group, who felt betrayed by her twin sister abandoning her and fleeing Hawkins, which could be one potential storyline avenue for sibling rivalry on an epic scale. Let’s just hope the execution is a lot better than it was in “The Lost Sister”, especially when the wait for new episodes is becoming increasingly excruciating for fans all across the world.