Stranger Things Star Reportedly Eyed To Play First LGBT Power Ranger In Reboot

Power Rangers

Remember all the hubbub about the 2017 Power Rangers movie before it came out? It was much discussed that the film would feature the franchise’s first openly gay lead. As it turned out, though, this major bit of LGBT representation actually amounted to a brief line alluding to Becky G’s Yellow Ranger maybe having “girlfriend troubles.” As we know though, Paramount is now working on another reboot and this time, it looks like they could actually deliver on the promise of the last one.

We Got This Covered has received an influx of information about the studio’s plans for Power Rangers and it seems they’re very keen to have a diverse team of heroes. This includes the first female Red Ranger in PR history and a mostly non-male line-up. We’ve also been told by our sources – the same ones who informed us of Paramount’s Transformers reboot last year, and that National Treasure 3 was in development months before it was announced – that the Blue Ranger will be portrayed as openly gay.

What’s more, our intel points to Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard, or Finn Wolfhard-type actors, if they can’t get him, being eyed for the aforementioned role. We’ve also heard that Sophia Lillis could be in the running to play the Red Ranger. It’s clear, then, that Paramount is looking to grab the hottest young talent around to lead the movie. And if you’ve been in the It films, that’s clearly also a plus.

Director Jonathan Entwistle and writer Patrick Burleigh are spearheading the production, with THR previously confirming that the Back to the Future-inspired storyline will see a group of modern-day Rangers sent back into the past, where they’re stranded in the 1990s. Remember, original Rangers Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson could factor in somehow as well. So, there’s a chance it could be a legacy sequel instead of an outright reboot.

Whoever they end up casting as the titular Mighty Morphin heroes, this looks set to be an exciting new entry in the Power Rangers franchise and we’ll let you know as soon as we hear more.