How Much Of The Strangers: Prey At Night Is Based On A True Story?

While there are many different ways one can approach putting together a horror pic, the ones that we can see as easily taking place in the real world are arguably those that frighten and resonate with moviegoers most. Sure, there’s always going to be the debate regarding whether ghosts actually exist, but any given person could easily find themselves caught up in unfortunate situations similar to those depicted in The Strangers franchise.

Really, even though it’s been quite some time since the first installment debuted in theaters, its follow-up, Prey at Night, serves as a chilling reminder of that very notion. Still, one has to wonder how much of the sequel is based on “true events,” or if it’s just riding the premise of the original.

Well, as it turns out, it’s pretty much expanding upon the notion of its predecessor. Here’s what Prey at Night director Johannes Roberts said to Metro regarding franchise creator Bryan Bertino’s influences:

“Bryan Bertino, who wrote the screenplay, actually had the same exact things happen to him in terms of the girl coming up to the house and knocking at the door. Then there were all these burglaries around his house. Then he mixed that in with the Charles Manson stuff. That’s really where all of the inspiration came from for him. Brian wrote the first one, too, and they are both the same sort of event.”

Now, if you’re up on your Strangers trivia, then you were already aware of how that stuff gave birth to the first movie, with the latest offering running with the torch just as we said. Still, knowing it’s a work of fiction shouldn’t detract from your viewing experience, as you should always judge a film on its own merits, and not on how “true” of a story it may be.

That being said, using the “based on true events” schtick forces some to believe that what they’re seeing in theaters is pretty much a documentary, making me hope that not as many folks think The Conjuring films are on par with an episode of Dateline. Perhaps it’s time that Hollywood ease up on the tagline for that very sake, even if it does help sell tickets.

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Source: Metro