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Streaming fans unravel a hit mystery thriller that’s set to be remade for the 4th time

Original ideas? Never heard of them.

the body
Antena 3 Films

You must be doing something right when your film ends up being remade countless times over in multiple languages, but we’ve got no idea whether or not co-writer and director Oriol Paulo wears the long-lasting success of his hit 2012 mystery thriller The Body as a badge of honor.

The Spanish filmmaker has become one of the industry’s go-to guys for crafting labyrinthine crime stories packed full of twists and turns, having since gone on to helm The Invisible Guest (which has itself been repurposed four times), acclaimed Netflix original Mirage, and arguably the streaming service’s best Harlan Coben adaptation so far in The Innocent.

the body
via Antena 3 Films

He’s become one of the platform’s unsung heroes, then, but it’s on Prime Video where The Body has viewers attempting to unravel its central conceit. As per FlixPatrol, the tale of a dogged detective trying to find out why the corpse of a murdered woman has vanished from the morgue find itself rising steadily up the global charts.

Of course, if you’ve seen 2016’s Game, 2018’s The Vanished, or 2019’s The Body, then you’ll know exactly how things pan out. If you haven’t, then you can always wait for the English-language remake to be written and directed by Isaac Ezban that was first announced three years ago. Or, you know, there’s the original.

Mystery thrillers are always capable of captivating a crowd when everything fires on all cylinders, something Paulo’s feature definitely accomplishes, based on how often its been reinvented for brand new international markets.

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