A Ton Of Great Movies Hit VOD And Streaming This Weekend

Yes God Yes

A little less than a decade ago, the streaming service industry was small and simple to navigate. Even though Netflix was still up and coming, the company remained both a novelty and an anomaly to the film studios and their theatrical distribution network. Fast forward to now, however, and the family of streamers includes Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max and a wealth of others.

With so many subscriptions available, content is being produced and distributed at faster rates and in higher quantities than ever before. Add to that a global pandemic which has forced the world to stay indoors and work from home, and the demand for entertainment has skyrocketed even higher. Luckily for society, there’s a bunch of new stuff being made available all the time and here’s a quick overview of some of the movies that are hitting VOD and the various streaming sites this weekend.

For starters, Jojo Rabbit is coming to HBO Max tomorrow. The film, directed by Thor: Ragnarok maestro Taika Waititi, is a coming-of-age comedy about an aspiring Nazi who must protect a Jewish girl in hiding from his own community and loved ones. Doesn’t sound funny? Think again, because Jojo is jam-packed with laughs whilst simultaneously respecting its grim subject matter.

Up next we got the Jurassic Park trilogy. One of the most culturally-relevant and best-selling media franchises of all time, this saga about one man’s dream to open a theme park where visitors can walk alongside actual, resurrected dinosaurs took the world by storm when it first released and has not let go since. And as of tomorrow, you’ll be able to find all three films on Netflix.

Meanwhile, other cool new arrivals this week include well-received movies Bull and The Flood, both of which are currently on Hulu, as well as Summerland. Available on Digital, this war drama sees “an Englishwoman (Gemma Arterton) opens her heart to an evacuee after initially resolving to be rid of him in this moving journey of womanhood, love and friendship.” If none of that scratches your itch for new content, though, then wait, because there’s more.


Horror junkies will no doubt be happy to hear Deep Blue Sea 3 is now available on Digital, while genre fans can get their fix of action with Legacy of Lies, starring Scott Adkins as “a former MI6 agent who teams up with a Ukrainian journalist to uncover the truth behind some shady Russian covert operations.” And then, of course, there’s Yes, God, Yes, starring Stranger Things‘ Natalia Dyer. It follows “a Catholic teenager in the early 00s who struggles to suppress her new urges in the face of eternal damnation.”

Suffice it to say, there’s lots to check out this weekend, and for even more recommendations, you can head over to MovieWeb via the link below.