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Streaming viewers drawn into the double life of a polarizing mystery thriller

Twists, turns, and revelations that split opinion down the middle.

via Saban Films

The mystery genre has been making a huge comeback recently, whether it’s Netflix shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars for Knives Out sequels, or Kenneth Branagh and his mighty mustache aiming to churn out more Agatha Christie adaptations. Audiences love the twists, turns, and revelations that come with the genre, even if opinion was split almost right down the middle on 2016’s Come and Find Me.

A 64 percent Rotten Tomatoes score may lull you into a false sense of security that Zach Whedon’s feature-length directorial debut was a cut above the typical fare, but a user rating of 33 percent shows that the general public were roughly half as impressed as critics were, despite the best efforts of the always-reliable Aaron Paul and Annabelle Wallis in the lead roles.

via Saban Films

The talented pair play loved-up couple David Larraine and Claire Collins, but their relationship ends in an instance when she vanishes without a trace. As you might imagine, he’s not ready to simply give up and let go, but David’s investigation leads him down a dark and dangerous rabbit hole, one that uncovers the shocking secret that the love of his life had been leading a double life all along.

Typical of the unraveling potboiler, the third act may stretch your suspension of disbelief to breaking point, but that hasn’t prevented Come and Find Me from making huge gains on streaming this weekend. As per FlixPatrol, the unwieldy examination of how little someone actually knows their partner is one of the top-viewed titles on ad-supported platform Freevee, six years after the film initially passed everyone by.

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