Streaming Study Reveals That Amazon Prime Is The Best Value For Your Money


The competition in the streaming wars has gotten even more intense recently following the launch of HBO Max, and with NBCUniversal’s Peacock set to arrive at the end of next month, the battlefield is only set to get even more crowded. There are now so many options available that very few people are either willing or able to afford to subscribe to all of them, and we’re now at the stage where any newly-minted over-the-top service is facing a tougher battle than ever to try and establish a decent-sized market share.

Out of all of the so-called ‘major’ options, Quibi has by far fared the worst, with analysts predicting that it could be set to post a loss of up to half a billion dollars after a hugely disappointing launch. Meanwhile, Netflix and Amazon Prime‘s dominance seems almost unassailable at this point with a combined subscriber count of over 250 million, and now a new study has found that Prime represents the best value for money for a variety of reasons.

The findings by Reelgood show that Amazon is the best option in terms of both quantity and quality, with almost 13000 movies available, which is miles ahead of their closest competitors at Netflix who have a library just shy of 4000. Not only that, but 568 of the titles on Prime pass the study’s quality test, which is based on having an IMDb rating above 7.5 stars, compared to Netflix’s 424 and HBO Max’s 421.

While Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus might be more affordable options, Amazon Prime is still cheaper than both Netflix and HBO Max, and nobody’s going to deny that the free shipping for deliveries that comes as part of the package doesn’t sweeten the deal a whole lot more. Of course, the streaming service or services you subscribe to are entirely based on personal preference, but for anybody that’s on the fence, it would appear that Amazon Prime represents the best offer in terms of quantity, quality and affordability.