Here’s Some Stupid Pictures Of Falcon In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Anthony Mackie as Falcon

Otto von Bismark was right about superhero films – “[Superhero films] are like sausages — it is better not to see them being made”. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, currently in production under the command of the Russo brothers, will no doubt be a great film when it is released. It’d have to be, to keep up with the rest of the Marvel Universe.

That said, some on-set pictures have been released of Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie, doing some stunt work. We’re on the other side of the hot dog stand now, children, and we’d better just face up to these pictures of Falcon, total bad-ass and friend of Captain America, looking a bit silly being pulled around on a zipwire and playing with guns.

It’s almost a shame that these shots have been released because they really, really don’t represent anything that we’ll see in the finished movie. Is it immoral to share them around for the world to see? For all we know, the Russo brothers might be intending on putting some giant CGI wings on his back. We just don’t know. Flagging up the existence of these photos is probably a bad thing to do, and only detrimental to the film, but who cares! Life is short! We should ruin everything we can while we’re hear on this beautiful green(screen) earth.

Who actually cares how much of a weird man child Anthony Mackie looks? IT’S UNREPRESENTATIVE, PEOPLE. Anyway if you want to dwell on the rest of the pictures, which shouldn’t have come out anyway and probably aren’t sanctioned by Marvel, you can check them out below. But why would you want to do that? Why would you want to see what it would look like if Falcon were to be reinterpreted by Will.I.Am? When it’s finished, Captain America: The Winter Soldier will look great – at least it better had, given its budget and 80 day shooting schedule.

What do you people think? Looks good, right? Right? …Right?