Stylish New Pics For Underworld: Blood Wars Debut As Kate Beckinsale Teases A Different Side To Selene

Weighing in as the fifth entry into the cult action-horror series, Underworld: Blood Wars opens at a time in which lead heroine Selene is facing a predicament.

Four years on from the release of Awakening, Kate Beckinsale’s kick-ass protagonist is ready to put some distance between herself and the Eternal War, having fought on the front lines against the Lycan threat and lived to tell the tale. One thing that threatens to throw a spanner in those retirement plans is Selene’s estranged daughter Eve, who becomes a precious target for the Lycan clan as they wish to extract her blood as a means of empowering their leader, Marius. A twisted battle plan by any stretch, Eve can also be seen as something of a bargaining chip, luring Selene out of her self-imposed exile for another round of vamps vs. Lycans.

When Empire caught up with Kate Beckinsale, the actress and all-round franchise stalwart revealed that, “in Blood Wars, Selene is at a really low ebb. You see a different side to her. [Her one-time mentor] Viktor has emerged as a traitor. [Her lover] Michael has disappeared. She’s had a baby that she didn’t know about. She’s always been really passionate, but now, in a way, she doesn’t really give a shit.”

Frankly, that reckless attitude comes across loud and clear in today’s all-new pair of stills, showcasing Selene kicking ass and taking names. Further in the article, franchise newcomer Anna Foerster spoke a little about the learning curve of helming an Underworld movie.

“With Underworld you have rules that are very specific to the franchise, but you can veer off from that. What I bring to this movie is a defined visual concept and some cool surprises. I think fans will see a new side to Selene.”

Underworld: Blood Wars is set to claw its way into theaters on January 6. It’s one of two cult action-horror franchises pegged for early next year, with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter poised to close the book on Screen Gems’ long-running series on January 27.

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