Get Submerged In The First Trailer For Steven C. Miller’s Latest Thriller


Don’t you hate it when you leave a party only to have your souped-up limousine run off the road by kidnappers, plunging you into what surely appears to be a watery tomb? I know, sounds like my Tuesday night – or the latest screenplay from Mother’s Day scribe Scott Milam. Directed by Steven C. Miller (Under The Bed/Silent Night), Submerged traps a group of partiers underwater in a leaking limo, showing their fight for survival as some nasty baddies attempt to finish the job even quicker. Sounds crazy, right? Well, since today saw the release of the very first trailer, you can determine just HOW crazy it is for yourself.

Starring Jonathan Bennet, Giles Matthey, Tim Daley, Mario Van Peebles, and a slew of fresh faces, Submerged seems to blend elements of action and horror – which is something director Steven C. Miller is used to doing after 2012’s The Aggression Scale. There’s no doubt that Milam’s script sounds like a ridiculously ambitious bit of claustrophobic, single setting horror blended with bigger, flashy set pieces, but I’m extremely excited to see Miller’s liveliness enhance such an idea. Being one of the strongest voices echoing throughout today’s independent horror scene, it’s great to see the director tackle a riskier story head-on.

Looking to the trailer, Submerged wastes no time establishing both style and impending doom. The limo is spacious enough to accommodate plenty of movement and chaos, meaning our characters will have some room to fight and go completely bonkers, and we also get a bit of gunplay to suggest action-based elements will add a few extra chills. Plus, unlike boring limos, there are neon lights and swaggalicious details to focus on, establishing a sleek visual beefiness that assures our eyes won’t be bored while stuck in the same vehicular setting.

While we don’t have an official release date for Submerged, besides a vague “This Fall,” our first trailer gives us an awfully good taste of what to expect. Mixing elements of psychological horror, straight-up action, and claustrophobia, I can’t wait to find out when we’ll all be suffocated by fear.

Check out the trailer below and be sure to let us know what you think!