Sugar Mountain Trailer Warns Not To Piss Off Jason Momoa


We already know that Jason Momoa is pretty tough. We also know that he’ll make for a very different Aquaman when he comes to the big screen in Zack Snyder’s Justice League film. Before that, however, Momoa will flex his very impressive muscles in Sugar Mountain, and based on the recently released trailer, this seems like a story of why you shouldn’t piss the actor off.

Sugar Mountain is the story of two brothers in debt to a local heavy (Momoa) who decide to fake a disappearance in the wilderness, thus getting themselves a great survival story and a chance at fame. Things go wrong, though – as you knew they would – when the plan actually winds up endangering them, and the local sheriff (Cary Elwes) suspects foul play.

The trailer for Sugar Mountain does not give us much to go on by way of plot – actually, I didn’t quite get the plot on the first viewing. But it does give a lot of space for Momoa to look big and menacing, which he does very well indeed.

In addition to Momoa, it’s exciting to see Cary Elwes again, even in a smallish part. But Sugar Mountain really could go either way, proving to be a sharp-edged piece of entertainment, or a predictable survival story that is now so ubiquitous on streaming services. Quite honestly, what most strains credulity in this trailer is the question of why anyone would try to screw over Jason Momoa.

We’ll find out the reasons on December 9, when Sugar Mountain hits both movie theaters and VOD. Justice League is still a long ways off, so get your Momoa-fix in now.

Source: IndieWire