Stunning Suicide Squad 2 Fan Art Imagines Dave Bautista As Bane


When it was announced yesterday that Guardians of the Galaxy helmsman James Gunn had been hired to write and possibly direct the planned Suicide Squad 2, the internet offered a range of passionate responses, and among this sea of takes were those wondering how actor Dave Bautista could get involved.

Once the Drax the Destroyer portrayer himself implied that he’d be keen to land a role in the upcoming DC flick, the imaginations of fans were fired up, and this new artwork from BossLogic provides one interpretation of how Bautista could look in the role of Bane.

Modeled on a Drax character poster for Guardians, the image offers a vastly different rendition of the villain from his last big screen portrayal in The Dark Knight Rises. Though the Tom Hardy version fit in with Nolan’s relatively grounded take on Gotham City, here the neon green and moody greys seem more in line with the comic book visuals of 2016’s Suicide Squad.

While the idea of Bautista joining the DCEU remains a fantasy for now, the performer has made it all too clear that he isn’t very happy with Disney at the moment. The pro wrestler was among the most outspoken critics of the studio’s controversial decision to fire Gunn after offensive tweets from his past came back into the spotlight. If the Mouse House don’t end up firing Bautista too, it certainly looks like he might leave of his own free will.

In any case, we have much to learn about Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2, with the possibility recently being raised yesterday that a total recasting for the property could be on the cards. We’re still waiting to hear back about that one, but if Bautista does find his way into the new team, then there’s a chance that this DC release will win over a few Marvel fans.