Suicide Squad Actress Viola Davis Didn’t Receive Any Joker Gifts From Jared Leto

We recently heard about some of the more extreme measures that Jared Leto took to get into character as The Joker in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, but it seems the Oscar winner decided to leave one cast member off his bonkers anal beads and used condoms gift-list – and from the sounds of things, he’s lucky he did.

E! caught up with Viola Davis (who will play Amanda Waller in the DC supervillain flick) at the Tribeca Film Festival and inquired about Leto’s penchant for seriously messed up presents. The actress revealed that he didn’t actually send her a single thing, and that if he had, he may have found himself on the wrong side of her very large ex-football player husband, Julius Tennon.

I did not receive any personally, or else I would have gotten my husband, who was called ‘headache ball’ back in the day when he played football. And I would have said, ‘take care of The Joker.’

We’ll see if Leto’s shenanigans paid off with a memorable Joker performance when Suicide Squad hits theatres on August 5th.