Suicide Squad And Jurassic Park Stars Teaming Up For New Spy Action Movie

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Following her breakout turn in The Suicide Squad, which marked her first-ever English-language role, Daniela Melchior isn’t wasting any time in proving her action hero credentials. The 24-year-old sneakily joined espionage actioner Assassin Club in Italy, and there’s some solid talent attached to the project.

Henry Golding, hoping to fare much better in the genre than he did with recent dud Snake Eyes, headlines the ensemble as Morgan Gaines. An elite assassin, he’s hired to take out half a dozen people all across the world but discovers that all of his targets are also hired killers, and they’ve all been sicced on each other by a mysterious shot-caller.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Promethus‘ Noomi Rapace is also on board, along with Jurassic Park veteran Sam Neill, the latter playing the mentor to Golding’s character. Rapace is the only other hired gun on the planet with the skills to match Gaines, and she forces him to keep his girlfriend safe at all costs, which is where Melchior factors in.

Transporter: Refueled director Camille Delamarre is helming Assassin Club, which is a bit of a worry because that movie sucked, but the cast and concept are nothing if not intriguing. Filming has already wrapped as per Deadline, so we could be seeing the finished product at some point early next year if post-production goes off without a hitch.